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The worthy and eye-catching view of your packaging is mandatory to bind the customers to buy this product. So, custom silver foil boxes give the ritzy and swanky look to your products in front of the target audiences. “SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the leading brands that endow the titillating and enchanting silver foil packaging boxes for their clients. Such boxes are made in various sizes and shapes as per the customers’ demands. We use high-quality printing technology for your custom printed silver foil boxes. Our experts are 24/7 to assist you in any problematic situation. Plus, we offer custom silver foil boxes wholesale at affordable rates just for you.


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Append The Value of Product Packaging With Silver Foil Boxes:

Silver foil boxes bestowing the awesome and surprising look of your inside products. Also, it is a worthwhile addition to the family of packaging. Such containers make the containment more worthy and chic due to the silver foil used during the production of these boxes. By imprint the fine silver boxes, you can enhance the beauty of packaged products on the retailers’ shelves. So, get high-quality printed silver foil boxes at reasonable prices. 

Craft your silver foil boxes in quirky shapes and styles:

Now it’s time to design your silver foil packaging boxes with unique and quirky shapes that make your products stand out in the clusters of competitors with a more titillating look.  So, “SQ Custom Boxes” offers 30+ styles for your custom silver foil packaging that append your packaging’s value and make your brand a bull eye for the audiences. You can add decorative material to make your silver foil packaging boxes alluring and enchanting. You can add the bow, ribbon, glitter tapes, beads, and foam to the box. Here is the list of custom metalized boxes by shapes and styles that you can buy from our company. 

  • Four corner silver foil boxes
  • 2-pieces silver foil boxes 
  • Double-lock front silver foil boxes 
  • Seal-end boxes 
  • Gable shaped boxes 
  • Diamond-shaped boxes 
  • Sleeves silver foil boxes with inserts 
  • Double lock wall lid 
  • Coopered lid boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto-bottom silver foil boxes 
  • Hexagon silver foil boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Cylindrical shaped boxes
  • Suitcase silver foil boxes 

Get wholesale silver foil boxes at market leading rates:

“SQ Custom Boxes” offer huge discounts for wholesale silver boxes for you. Our focal motive is to provide quality products with great affordability to our clients. And, we never reduce the quality of silver foil packaging when we offer discounts. You can add more coating and laminations on your silver foil packaging as per your choice. Plus, we have the option for single and double-sided foil printing for our clients with wholesale options. So, call us today to book your order for silver foil boxes from us. We ship your order on-time at your doorstep. 

Why you select us as the best silver foil box supplier?

If you are searching for custom silver foil packaging to give a decent and enthralling look to your packaging, then we provide exclusively designed silver boxes to pack your things fabulously. Here are the chunks of some points that make us best for you. 

  • Uncountable designs for silver foil boxes  
  • Fast delivery of products
  • Eco-friendly material for silver foil boxes  packaging 
  • Use lamination and coatings on silver foil boxes  
  • Huge discounts for wholesale silver foil boxes  
  • Free designing, shipping, and die-cutting 



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