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Paper Cones:

Nowadays, a versatile kind of packaging is used to beguiling the beholders and buyers. In this regard, paper cones are the most engaging, attractive way of packaging for you that is used commonly. You can pack any type of snack in custom paper cones as per your wish. “SQ Custom Boxes” offers printed paper cones packaging in multiple sizes and paper stock like cardboard, Kraft, and bux. Our high-tech printing makes personalized paper cones more engrossing. So, buy paper cones wholesale today at affordable rates with premium quality. Our support team available 24/7 to deal with you regarding any issue. So, call us and make an email to avail the volume discounts and free shipping of orders at your doorstep.


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Make Your Paper Cones More Personalized With Our Printing Options:

Every product requires the luxuriant and swanky look of packaging to display in front of the audience. Without mattering, either is a food item or cosmetic products. All products pack in the packaging as per their need and weight. Similarly, many confectionery and snacks are packs in packs in the paper cones that are unique but most common in the snacks shops. Also, you can pack chips, fish, popcorns, candies in the paper cones to captivate the audience as well as a small child. On this subject, we offer thrilling and superlative custom paper cones for our renowned clients. 

Offer unlimited customized and personalized options:

We offer unlimited options to make paper cones customized and personalized. Likewise, it is available in various sizes, colors, paper stock, and coatings as per your choice. Plus, our countless design patterns make your custom printed paper cones more fetching and entrancing. “SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the leading brands of the USA that endow high-quality and creative design options for paper cones. Also, here you will find to get all options to craft your paper cone packaging according to your snack requirement. 

Premium Quality material for paper cones:

We know it is one paper that folds conveniently in the form of a cone that bears the inside product’s whole weight. So, it must be durable and thick to hold your snack inside the boxes. On this subject, we offer high-quality material for paper cones like cardboard, Kraft, and Bux paper. All material and cardstock that we used for paper cones are eco-friendly and biodegradable that does not harm your health and pollutes your environment. Let customize your paper cones by selecting cardstock as per your imagination. 

Make your paper cones more talkative:

By using sturdy and robust material, it is mandatory to make your paper cones talkative in the industry. No matter what form of food you pack in paper cones, but you must talk about the brand name and message. On this subject, you can print brand name, logo, and other info to make personalized paper cones that invite the users and compel them to buy your products.  

Nevertheless, you can print different quotations and messages on paper cones according to the event. Also, you need to make your brand logo unique and quirky, which makes your brand stand out in the market. Plus, you can use innumerable design patterns printed paper cones packaging that provides the recognition of your brand name in the industry. 

  • Summer stripes design pattern
  • Holographic design patterns
  • Start shape design patterns
  • Bold colors design patterns 
  • A vintage gold look of paper cones 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Heart shape design patterns 
  • Gingham design patterns 
  • Polka dot design patterns 
  • Printing od cartoon main characters

Easy to consume and carry:

Due to having the simple design and folding of cardstock sheets, our paper cones are lightweight and best to easily carry with other luggage.  You can effortlessly carry it in your hands, and the indie food item remains safe till you do not finish. Append to this; paper cones are smarter from the bottom side, but the open-top allows consumers to eat inside products. Such cones are not only made for kids, but some adults and older people also consume food or snacks from enchanting paper cones

Send your queries for wholesale paper cones:

If you are searching the wholesale paper cones to pack snacks and sweet popcorn for events or sale purposes, then “SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the best places for you. So, buy your paper cones wholesale from us at market-leading rates. We never compromise with quality if we bestow discounts for wholesale custom paper packaging for our valued clients. So, call us today and send queries for the wholesale and premium paper cones

Quick turnaround and fast delivery:

We have a collaborative and dedicated team that is 24/7 ready to solve the issues of our reputable clients. Also, we know how your time is precious and valuable, so our support team responds to your queries and calls as soon as possible. Plus, we deliver your paper cones within 6 to 7 business days at your doorstep without any delay. So, get-in-touch and visit our site to order your favorites boxes. 

Use vivid color for printing paper cones:

Although white paper cones look decent when you pack your snack in them, you also have options to print your paper cones in every color and its shades. We use CMYK, PMS, and 4/4 color printing for your paper cones. Plus, we offer digital, off-screen, and offset printing for our clients according to their choice. You can choose a color according to events, and occasions with eye-catching and pizzazz look printed designs. For instance, you can print your paper cones with red and gold foil for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Plus, we can print paper cones in pink and Cyan color for Easter. So, it’s all up to you what you want; our experts are ready to serve you on-time. 

Add decorative material on paper cones:

To make the gleaming and mesmerizing look to your paper cones, you need to add some decorative material to the cones. So, you can use a bowknot of hemp wire, simple bows, ribbons, flowers, cards, and other decorative material to add value to your paper cones. If you make special popcorn paper cones for theater and cinema time, then you can give a die-cut of Mickey Mouse and any other famous character. You have an option to append the vibrant and magnificent look to your paper cones with decorative materials. 

Why are we the best paper cones supplier?

Buy paper cones from us to get the advantage of huge discounts and many other facilities to display your product in a manageable way in front of the target audiences. We offer high-quality paper cones for our valued clients with no minimum order. Here is the list of some points that are enlisting below for you. 


  • Use various coatings on the paper cones
  • Full-fledged customized and personalized paper cones  
  • Print logo, brand name, and other info
  • Use a variety of colors for paper cones  
  • Provide a huge variety of colors for paper cones 
  • Offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing
  • Use lamination on paper cones 
  • Huge discounts for wholesale paper cones 
  • Free designing, shipping, and die-cutting 
  • Limitless customized solutions  
  • Innumerable designs for paper cones 
  • Fast-delivery of product packaging 
  • Eco-friendly material for paper cones 



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