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Nowadays, the use of gold foil box is extremely high for different purposes. Such boxes are used for gifts, bakery, and cosmetics, and other retail products. “SQ Custom Boxes” provide custom gold foil boxes in versatile sizes, styles, and designs. For instance, we offer sleeve boxes, pillow boxes, tuck-in, and 2-piece boxes, etc. Apart from this, you can use these boxes at weddings as favor or invitation card boxes. We use high-tech technology for gold foil box printing to ensure the best quality product packaging. We use laminations on the gold foil packaging boxes to secure the inside product from environmental issues. So, you can contact me anytime to get customized gold foil packaging solutions wholesale.


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Bestow Luxuries & Elegant Look To Your Products With Gold Foil Boxes:

To make your packaging aesthetic and titillating is the dream of every product manufacturer to stand out in the boundary line of top-ranked among the competitors. So, are you looking forward to clutching the attention of buyers rapidly? So, this purpose is to fulfill by adding value to your packaging and provide an extravagant fee to your products in the rest of others. No matter what your reason is, but gold foil packaging is the preeminent option for you. Custom gold foil is striking, stunning, and bold to eye-grabbing for customers. 

Offer high-quality material for your gold foil boxes:

“SQ Custom Boxes” is a reputable brand in the USA that offers premium quality and pretension gold foil boxes for their clients. Custom gold foil boxes are used to pack all goodness of the base items, cosmetics, hair extensions, sprays, foundation, birthday and Christmas gifts, apparel, and other retail products. So, we use high-quality material for gold foil boxes that secure your inside products superbly as well as eco-friendly for the environment. Here is the list of material that use to print foiling on the boxes:

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid

Choose any custom styles to design your gold foil boxes:

One of the most thriving things related to gold foil boxes, you can craft in any style. So, let design your own gold foil boxes by bestowing any structural dimension and shapes. How much your box’s style and shape is unique makes you recognizable in the industry, and if customers are not ready to buy your products but the hypnotizing look of your boxes convinces them to search for the plausible reason to do so. So, here is the list of some styles and shapes of custom gold foil boxes and packaging that we offer for you:

  • Gable shaped boxes 
  • Diamond-shaped boxes 
  • Hexagon cupcake boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Cylindrical shaped boxes
  • Sleeves boxes with inserts 
  • Double lock wall lid 
  • Coopered lid boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 

Use the embossing and debossing effects on your gold foil packaging:

To give a more tremendous and royal look to your packaging, “SQ Custom Boxes” offers embossing and debossing effects for gold foil printing on the box. Add to this; you can use both effects embossing and debossing in multiple ways in your design patterns. So, you can use them for printing brand names, logos, and taglines on printed gold foil boxes. In a nutshell, you can use these aspects for each aspect to which you have a desire to prominent on the printed gold foil boxes. We also offer various coating and lamination for the packaging of your product as per your choice. 

Get doubles sided foil printing for wholesale boxes: 

If you want to make your box doubled-sided foil, then you land on the right place. We provide both-sided foiling for your custom gold foil boxes wholesale with premium quality. Plus, we never reduce our quality parameters when we offer discounts for gold foil boxes in bulk. So, without taking any tension, we are here to provide fast delivery of your wholesale gold foil boxes at your doorstep. So, call us today and book your order right now. 

Why you pick to get the best gold foil boxes?

Make your products stand out by selling in the august looking gold foil boxes. Add to this; if you want to communicate a certain degree of luxury in your packaging, then this box is perfect for you. So, get you fascinating and opulent custom gold boxes from us today. 


  • Uncountable designs for gold foil boxes  
  • Fast delivery of products
  • Eco-friendly material for gold foil boxes  packaging 
  • Use lamination on gold foil boxes  
  • Huge discounts for wholesale gold foil boxes  
  • Free designing, shipping, and die-cutting 
  • Inserts and dividers to settles the products inside the box
  • Use various coatings on the gold foil boxes packaging
  • Full-fledged customized and personalized gold foil boxes  




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