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Chocolates are mouthwatering confectioneries edible that are famous and favorites for all ages of people. When chocolates pack in ostentatious and flamboyant packaging, then they attract customers to buy them. “SQ Custom Boxes” offers the best and sublime Chocolate box packaging for their clients. We provide a high-quality box for chocolate brands that are perfect for branding and marketing purposes. Append to this; we offer various sizes of the box like large chocolate boxes or small chocolate boxes according to the demand of the customers. We also offer volume discounts for bulk chocolate boxes. Plus, we use additional ad-on options and accessories on chocolate boxes for gifts to make them more vibrant.


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Acquire Customized & Own Designed Chocolate Boxes:

Chocolate is the most famous sweet and confectionery product that everybody loves. Also, it is the symbol of love, care, blessing, happiness, and friendship. Due to this, chocolate is an essential part of every occasion and filled with joy. So, when consumers pick up the chocolate box, then they connect their emotions with chocolates. Therefore, your packaging must be attractive and fetching to drop the customer’s eyes on your chocolate boxes when displayed on the retailer’s shelf. 

Get the best deals on customized chocolate boxes:

“SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the biggest brands that offers innumerable options and deals to customize your chocolate boxes as per your imaginations. We offer versatile sizes, styles, shapes for custom chocolate boxes to make your product presentable on the market shelf. Plus, our experts and support teams are available 24/7 to communicate with you regarding any issue. We provide quick turnaround and fast delivery of your orders within 6 to 7 business days at your doorstep with full security of your boxes. So, visit our site to send you a quotation to get trustworthy quality chocolate boxes

Vivid colors of chocolate boxes to pack them decently:

The use of vibrant and vivid color of custom chocolate packaging boxes engaging for the customers. “SQ Custom Boxes” offers you to select the color of chocolate boxes as per your choice. So make your chocolate boxes personalized by using bright and gleeful color schemes. We use RGB and CMYK 4/color printing for your chocolate boxes. You can select packaging colors according to events as well. For instance, red for Valentine’s Day and weddings, green and red for Christmas, pink for eastern and birthdays. So, make your chocolate cartons colorful to attract chocolate lovers and stand out in the crowd of competitors.  

Distinctive styles of chocolate boxes to attract audiences:

The taste of chocolate is going to the peak level when it’s a wrap in the distinctive styles of chocolate containers. So, build your own chocolate boxes with our award winding experts. We offer 30+ styles for the production of custom chocolate bar packaging. Add to this; to pack your bulk quantity of chocolates securely, we offer inserts and partitions as well. Here is the list of some chocolate box styles that prove an ostentatious look in front of the customers. 

  • Gable shaped boxes 
  • Coopered lid chocolate  boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom chocolate  boxes 
  • Suitcase chocolate  boxes 
  • Sleeves chocolate  boxes with inserts 
  • Double lock wall lid 
  • Four corner chocolate  boxes
  • Double lock front chocolate  boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Cylindrical shaped boxes
  • Diamond-shaped boxes 
  • Hexagon chocolate boxes 

Now boost up your sales with custom printed chocolate boxes:

The design of your chocolate cartons must be fetching and enchanting to captivate the customers. We have a team of award-winning packaging designers that help you to design your own chocolate boxes as per your thoughts and brand message. They connect your audiences with your brand by portraying the message in your designs. We offer 200+ designs and 3d mockups for their customers as per their interest. We provide offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, and 4/4 color printing for your custom printed chocolate boxes. Here are some aesthetic and luminous design patterns that you can use on your chocolate packaging boxes. 

  • Geometrical design patterns 
  • Abstract design patterns
  • Heart shape printing 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Floral patterns 
  • Blurring design patterns  
  • Nuts printing 

Insert add-on to make your chocolate boxes more opulent:

Now it’s time to insert the add-on to make your chocolate packaging grandeur and pretentious. Our experts help you select the best add-on for your protected packaging that helps you stand on the industry’s top ranking. We offer gold and silver foiling that you can use for design, brand text, and logo as well. Add to this; provide embossing and the debossing effect that escalate the lavish look to your chocolates.

Nevertheless, “SQ custom boxes” offer different coatings and laminations to protect your products from environmental effects. Our custom rigid chocolate gift boxes are one of the best options for you to gift them to your dearest peoples with a gold foiling and debossing touch. And, we use inserts and dividers in chocolate packaging to settle the inside product. Here is the list of extra decorative materials for our clients. 

  • Ribbons
  • Flowers 
  • Bunch 
  • Tapes 
  • Beads 

Offer all types of cardstock for chocolate boxes:

The material that we use to manufacture your colorful chocolate boxes is cardboard, Kraft, rigid, corrugated, and other paper-made packages. All and sundry cardstocks are approved and eco-friendly that do no harm to the environment at any cost. Our experts have the ability to craft any design and style from all cardstocks. Add to this; they use a layout that best for the inside product. You can decrease and increase the thickness of cardstock as per your choice to make your chocolate boxes.  

Pack your bulk chocolates in wholesale boxes: 

If you want chocolate boxes in bulk quantity to warp lots of chocolates securely, then we provide wholesale chocolate boxes with volume discounts. Plus, our corrugated shipping chocolate boxes are the best option to pack chocolates and securely deliver them to the customer’s doorstep. So, get volume discounts on our wholesale custom chocolate boxes

Why you trust us to get quality chocolate boxes?

Congratulations! We are the best source to provide premium quality chocolate boxes!

If you are hunting to find the best chocolate packaging supplier, then we are here to facilitate you with our delicate services. Our experts ensure 100% satisfaction with the quality of chocolate boxes. So, let’s see why you trust us to obtain the best chocolate boxes. 


  • Eco-friendly material for chocolate  packaging 
  • Customized sizes and shapes of boxes 
  • Offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing
  • Use lamination on chocolate  boxes
  • Limitless customized solutions  
  • Use various coatings on the chocolate  packaging
  • Full-fledged customized and personalized chocolate  boxes
  • Huge discounts for wholesale chocolate  boxes 
  • Free designing, shipping, and die-cutting 
  • Innumerable styles for chocolate  boxes 
  • Fast delivery of products



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