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As you know, Chinese culture is famous for vivid colors and calligraphic patterns. Due to this, they use these patterns on Chinese food boxes to display their culture. “SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the titillating and enticing platforms that offer different sizes of Chinese take-out food boxes. For instance, we offer mini, small, medium, and large size of Chinese food boxes. Append to this; we use alluring and vivid color schemes for the custom printed Chinese food boxes to engage the customers for buying them. We also ensure the use of eco-friendly ink toners that are not harmful to human health and not melting or merging in the cooked food. You can get wholesale Chinese food boxes at affordable rates from us with customize and personalized options. 


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Acquire The Best Quality of Oyster Pails & Chinese Food Boxes To Make Your Brand Successful:

If you want to increase your food brand popularity, then choosing creative and innovative-looking custom boxes is the best option for you. It is just through the inspiring packaging to let your whole product look eye-catching for the old and new customers. The reason to choose custom food boxes with cheap packaging is that they are effective and even cost less. With the help of custom box packaging, you can grab the attention of maximum potential buyers. You can let them know about your brand and even how you display your product in a pop-up manner. To get the best quality of custom food boxes, SQ Custom Boxes is available right here for you to let your Brand reach success heights. We introduce you to the custom boxes that will help your product get introduced in front of the buyers before opening it. For better brand identification, we will have your brand name printed on top of the box. In short, our custom packaging boxes can be highly productive to boost the growth of your business. 

What sort of designs do we add to your Chinese Food Boxes?

As we represent your product through the custom Chinese food containers, we make sure that the box is not plain and straightforward in design. It has to look professional, and therefore we add them up with some extra add-ons to give the whole box design extra classiness. We print the box with all the essential details related to your company. Hence, this is how we enhance the overall quality of the custom Chinese food boxes in a better way to interact with the customers. Some of our boxes often add up with the foiling wrapping work, which makes it look unique. Few basic options in foiling customization are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose-gold

How Our Box Packaging has a Great Influence on Marketing?

The way SQ Custom Boxes design your food boxes has a significant impact on your easily marketing your product. At this point, our Chinese food boxes custom packaging will act as a silent salesman. Hence, the type of packaging we choose has all the basic details on it, i.e., company location and product. In this way, your buyer will be able to make a final decision to pick your product. Some of the buyers do not prefer to inspect the product in the first look. They aim to check the quality of the packaging and the effort you have put into it. We believe that more charming packaging is all about attracting more customers to your company or brand. We make it add up with the graphical print work to make it look attractive. Off-set and UV spot printing are the two most common printing styles for wholesale Chinese food box packaging we use. We also add the boxes with the coating layers to make them look vibrant and clear. Hence, it includes: 

  • The glossy portion
  • Thus, the matte box
  • The UV existence

Best Quality of Material Usage for Box Manufacturing 

With our boxes’ help, you can have your product get packaged inside a secure and protective medium. Hence, this will probably help your product to stay secure during the shipping process. We strongly believe in the fact that it is the packaging that helps you market your brand successfully among the competitor crowd. Through the custom packaging, your customer will be able to know about your brand even more. It will become extra convenient for them to figure out what your brand and product are all about. Our main aim is to give more exposure to your brand will grow even more, with which you can target maximum customers. Therefore, we make sure the packaging is colorful and vibrant in printing styles. For better brand identification, we even print your brand logo and company details on top of the custom-printed Chinese food boxes. We make sure it is noticeable to the customer and is easy to read. We add box with some superb printing techniques, which include:

  • The CMYK
  • The PMS
  • The embossing
  • The debossing
  • The foiling

Availability in Various Sizes & Designs 

The best thing about our affordable custom boxes is that it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making it favorite in the market. Coming brand owners can look for the box style, which goes following their product dimensions. Picking the entire stock of the box packaging would not be cheap at all. It can cost you a lot. But this is not in our case! We are extremely affordable with our price rates, and this affordable cost won’t display any effects on our quality work. We always recommend the client to pick a single Oyster Pails box packaging for all items of your brand so they can figure out our quality work. 

We help your product to stay safe during shipping 

Another best thing about custom cheap Oyster pails & Chinese food box packaging is that they play a dynamic role in improving your brand appearance. You can enhance brand awareness with which you can target maximum customers. For us, plain and straight designs on the box packaging are not the first choice. We prefer to use durable material in the box packaging to protect the item during shipping. Most of our food custom boxes are made out of kraft and cardboard material, making them suitable for product safety. 

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