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Many brands use blister card packaging’s to present their products in front of the target audiences. The significant advantage of custom blister card packaging endows an astonished and fascinate glance of products for the customers. Although blister box packaging is used in all businesses, but it massively uses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to present medicines and serums. “SQ Custom Boxes” is the bravura blister card manufacturer that ensures the delivery of the material’s best quality. Likewise, we offer the best blister packaging solutions; trap blister, face seal blister, combination, and clamshell blister. Add to this; we provide free shipping without any hidden charges. 


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Preserve The Integrity Of Your Products With Custom Blister Card Boxes:

Basically, the blister packaging is used for lots of purposes and industries to pack your product. But, it is still famous in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to present tablets, ampules, and other tiny products. Also, the main reason for such sort of packaging is to protect your pills and medicines from harmful UV rays. So, we offer high-quality custom blister card boxes for our esteemed clients. 

Get various types of blister card packaging: 

At “SQ Custom Boxes,” innumerable types of custom blister card packaging as per your product’s need. We offer custom blister card packaging in all cardstock, shapes, and sizes. Blister packaging is the process produced by warming the sheet of PVC and molding it into a particular shape to create the bubble or blister that entirely covers your product with a cardboard back sheet.

Face-seal blister- The face seal blister contained a thermoformed PVC blister that molded around the product and heat-sealed cardboard with the backside. This type of blister packaging is inexpensive and largely used to pack products in bulk. 

Full-face seal blister- This type of packaging provides the strongest and robust protection to your packaging. So, it not only surrounds the product and card backing too. This plastic is heat-sealed to the card or maybe slid through additional plastic pieces on every side of the packaging. 

Full-card blister- This packaging is like a full-face seal blister and covers the cardboard sheet’s full size. But, instead of the heat-sealed process, it has flanges that wrap around the cardstock. And, it’s open by sliding the cards and staples into the place. 

Trapped blister- It is also similar to a traditional blister pack but the plastic part sticking to the cardstock has another piece of cardboard in front of it that is around the shape of a blister. Plus, the plastic is trapped among two pieces of cardboard. The top piece of the card is the die-cut that keeps fitting your products settled in the blister. This type of blister packaging requires no heating sealed process, so it is quite affordable for you. So, it’s up to you what you select for your blister packaging. 

Adopting eco-friendly material for blister card packaging:

Get eco-friendly material for your personalized and tailor-made packaging. So, explore the widest collection of recyclable cardstock for your custom blister card packaging. “SQ Custom Boxes” is one of the leading blister packaging suppliers in the USA that offers you to pick eco-friendly and sustainable cardstock for your blister packaging. We offer cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, bux, and rigid for your blister card boxes.  

Feel proud to present your products in the customized blister card boxes:

Now let’s feel proud to pack your products in blister packaging and make your brand stand out in the industry. Our custom printed blister card boxes are best to deliver your brand message to your audiences. Like; pharmaceuticals, you can use custom blister card packaging for makeup as well to pack your tiny products. So, you can print your brand logo, name, and taglines on the boxes as per your choice. Call us to send your queries for blister packaging today. 


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