Fragrance And Personality: Are They Related?

Indeed, it is a tough task to do to choose a perfect perfume for someone. Because every other person has a different taste of fragrance. Also, people prefer to wear a scent which matches their personality.

Therefore, you have first to read the personality of the person you are about to give perfume as a gift.

Most of the time, you people feel little afraid of putting your hands on the wrong type of fragrance for someone. Therefore, you give them the same fragrance you see in their bags or somehow on their dressing tables.

However, it is somehow a better way to save yourself from embarrassment. But why not take some risks?

Yes! It would be best if you gave at least a single try to some innovative and new fragrances hoping the receiver would like it.

Besides, the detail of each perfume category will make the selection of perfume easy for you.

Categories Of Perfumes:

·         Classic Perfumes:

Fresh, floral, and aldehyde flavours fall in the classic category of perfumes. Like, these soothing fragrant perfumes give an impression of lively and fresh breezes. Also, provide a fascinating definition of your personality.

Besides, rose, lily, iris, jasmine are the flavours of this category. These fragrances are quite long-lasting. Like, you add a drop behind your ears and rub between your wrists, you will feel its presence there even after a whole day.

Examples of the classic category are Blanche by Byredo and White Diamond by Elizabeth.

·         Dramatic Perfumes:

It is a category with bold and exciting flavours. Also, oriental, amber and heavy florals are added flavours of this category. If you have a dramatic category’s perfume, it will describe your personality to others in a true manner.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurant is an example of dramatic perfumes.

·         Relaxing Perfumes:

This one has the woody and aromatic touch. It has a natural, fresh, and simple aroma that helps to calm and soothe yourself. Its notes are lavender, zesty citrus, spicy-sweet, and harmonies of cedar.

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Such as Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain.

·         Creative Perfumes:

It is a dynamic fragrance with stimulating, intriguing, and original aromas. You people will love woody, granny, and floral touch to make your any evening base event.

Example is B Balenciaga by Balenciaga.

·         Feminine Perfumes:

Floral and powdery fragrances with a touch of softness and delicacy, just like a woman’s personality. These have light and soft scents such as lily, jasmine, frangipani, and lilac.

Example: Pour Femme Essence by Roja Parfums.

·         Rebellious Perfumes:

A mix-match of leather and gourmand make this fragrance which varies from honey, wood tars, tobacco, and notes like vanilla. In short, it has a resemblance to food flavours.

For example, Cuir de Ruisse by Chanel.


Splash of stylish and distinctive fragrances with dry, wood style, and mossy notes.

Just like Knowing by Estee Lauder.


If you have extra love for nature, then it is a perfect perfume type for you. These perfumes have warm and deep fragrances. Moreover, these perfumes are associated with sandalwood, cedar, or patchouli.

Additionally, these perfumes have a citric touch which makes you smell so comfortable. A high-end perfume which falls in this type is Indigo by Nest.


A woman with some bold taste will love this oriental type of perfume. This type is mostly like by a woman having a warm personality and a wish to look prominent in a gathering.

Besides, this type of perfume helps them make a statement in between a bunch of people.

Ingredients of this scent include the smell of spices such as cinnamon or clove, exotic flowers, and vanilla.

Example of this type perfumes in Ambre 114 by HISTORIES DE PARFEUMS.


Do you have a romantic or feminine taste or someone more towards traditional scents? In this case, floral perfumes are perfect for you. Indeed, this is the most selling type of perfume. Also, it is ideal for adding the touch of extra elegance to properly dressed up personality.

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Crystal Flowers by Montale fall in the floral perfumes.


Empowered women will love this type of perfume. Like, women love calm, soothing, and cut grass fragrances. Indeed, these fragrances remind them of violet leaves, rhubarb, ivy leaves, and earthy smells. Like, these perfumes include the Versense by Versace.


If you love the smell of fresh fruits, then for sure, it is a perfect perfume type for you. Indeed, fruity perfumes often have fruity, tangy, and citrusy fragrances which automatically blow your mind.

Coco Figure by COMPTOIR SUD PECIFIQUE is one of the most in-demand fruity perfume types.


It is a divisive type which means either you will not even stand them or love them. This is because these fragrances are quite sweet but not cloying. Additionally, the common flavours of these perfumes are vanilla, sugar, caramel, and chocolate. A perfect example is Parada Candy Eau de Parfum Spray.


If you love the smell of cinnamon rolls or the gingerbread which your mom used to cook, you will love the fragrance of this perfume.

Yes! It has the notes of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and pepper. These flavoured fragrances are quite comforting in an old fashioned manner. E.g. Jo Malone Vetyver.


This category was recently invented. Yes! These perfumes are made up of a blend of synthetic compounds and natural aromas. These are fragrances that carry the aroma of mountain air, fresh air, oceanic feel, or clean linen.

If you have this fragrance on, it proves yourself a clean and stink-free person. Like, the David Cool Water Woman.

Now when every perfume category is explained in detail. Then try to go with the finest fragrance which you think matches the personality of the receiver.

Also, pack the perfume in Perfume Boxes with highly intriguing outlook.

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Yes! Perfume Packaging Boxes needs to be even more appealing and convincing than the inside perfume as the receiver will have his first eye contact with the packaging.

Later, if the Perfume Packaging will be fascinating, he will definitely crave to see the inside perfume with great enthusiasm.

However, there is no need to be worried about where to get a perfect Wholesale Perfume Packaging as there are many packaging companies out there. You can contact any of them for the perfect packaging to keep the perfume.

A free of cost suggestion is to check four to five different packaging companies to get your hands on the best packaging.

You may find it a little difficult. But trust it, later you will be thankful to yourself for investing such efforts when your bond will get even stronger with the receiver.

Lastly, always, put your best efforts to make someone happy or make someone realize that you are there for them in every circumstance.

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